We are not taking any bookings past April due to the impending sale of the business and property. We will encourage the next owners of our premises to continue operating the cattery and they will be in touch with existing cattery customers to advise if they are able to do this.

 All cats are housed in our boutique cattery with 6 units, each unit being able to accommodate up to two cats. Only cats from the same household will be housed together.

Our cattery units are roomy and designed vertically so that your cat may enjoy jumping and climbing up. They are warm, cosy, light and well ventilated. We provide hidey-hole beds with baskets and bedding to keep them comfortable during their visit.

All cats will be fed an appropriate BlackHawk Diet, kindly sponsored by Masterpet NZ. If clients require a specific cat food, then they may be asked to provide it for the Cattery to use, or the Cattery can obtain the food for them and charge accordingly.

Cattery staff are trained to look for signs of ill-health, and will report any concerns to our veterinary staff for assessment, our vet is available seven days per week. One advantage of having a Boarding Cattery at a vet clinic, is that routine procedures can be done while the clients are away on holiday, avoiding the need for a further visit (or two) when they return. This might include dental work, grooming or even desexing. Clients are requested to indicate on admission if they would like any of this done.

Opening Hours

Cats can be dropped off or collected from the Cattery –

Monday – Friday

8.30am –



10am -

12 noon


Note that day of arrival and day of departure will be charged for in full.

Rates Per Resident Cat

Rate per cat standard time

$19 per day

Rate per cat peak time

$22 per day

Up to two cats can stay in the same unit if they are from the same house

Two cats sharing a unit 

$16 per day each

 Two cats sharing peak time
 $18 per day each


10% discount if staying 21 days or more.

Note: Discount does not apply over peak periods or school holidays.

Peak Times

School holidays, Public holidays, All December & January.

There is a minimum stay duration of 3 days over a peak period that bookings can be made. 


Terms & Conditions

1. Clients must provide evidence of vaccination status showing the cat has been adequately protected against snuffles and feline enteritis. The vaccine must have been done not more than a year before boarding, and not less than 10 days before admission. If the vaccination is due within one month of admission to the Cattery, a booster vaccination may be required before admission.

2. All cats must be up to date with worm and flea treatment. If evidence of either is found on a cat, we will treat him/her with a suitable product and the client will be charged for the service.

3. We are closed for admissions and discharges on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays, except by prior arrangement. A $20 charge will be added for unarranged openings out of hours.

4. For reservations over the busy Christmas/New Year period we require a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The remainder to be paid on pick up.

5. Due to high demand, particularly during peak holiday times, we reserve the right to charge for the full period of booking, even if you drop off later or pick up earlier than the booked dates. If you find you need to cancel your booking, at least 10 days notice will be required or the deposit will be non-refundable.

6. Charges start at the beginning of each day. Collection of a cat before 10am will not be charged for that day. Collection after 10am will incur full charge for that day.

7. Cats will only be released to clients when the account is paid in full.

8. Clients must advise the Cattery staff of any medical problems their cat has, or any special temperament issues or requirements. There may be additional charges if the cat needs special care.

9. Clients should where possible provide contact details for themselves or a responsible person during the period their cat is resident in the Cattery. This is to enable contact to be made in the case of a medical emergency with their cat. If no contact is possible, the client should provide guidance to the Cattery staff as to the level of medical support their cat is to receive while they are resident. This will clearly vary with the age and health status of the individual cat, and is worth discussing with the Cattery staff on admission. All attempts will be made to contact clients prior to initiating any medical therapy, but in the event of this not being possible, life-preserving care will be provided until contact is possible. The client agrees that payment is to be made for all Veterinary bills that may be incurred during their cat’s stay on departure.

10. If the staff of the Cattery considers a cat has a health problem that needs veterinary attention, we will call our veterinary staff for assistance. All costs incurred are to be paid by the client on departure.

11. Staff has the right to refuse admittance to any cat that is showing signs of snuffles. This includes discharge from the eyes and/or nose, and sneezing. Any cats showing these signs or signs of any other potentially contagious disease will be hospitalized in the Isolation Unit and isolation hospitalization rates will be charged.

12. We consider our facilities and management practices to be of the highest standard and therefore your cat will receive the very best professional care while staying at our boarding facility. However, we accept no responsibility for any unexpected illness, injury or death for any reason whatsoever.

The Cattery reserves the right to choose other options with abandoned pets 10 days after the due pick-up date. The client agrees that in the event of arrears or after due notice in writing the proprietors shall have the right to choose other options for the animal. This will not release the client from liability for any unpaid fees or charges.