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Have you ever read the books or seen the TV series ‘The Number One Ladies Detective Agency’ set in Gabarone, Botswana? For me they back many happy memories of the year I spent in Mafikeng, Bophuthatswana as a young army vet a long time ago. Back then National Service was compulsory in South Africa, but the medical corps vets at that stage could choose where they’d like to be sent. I’d heard from one of the older students that Mafikeng was a good place to gain experience, so I put my name down, and ended up being sent there, seconded to Agricor, Bophuthatswana's version of New Zealand's MPI.


It’s on the South Africa- Botswana border. They say you only cry twice in the Kalahari, when you arrive and when you leave! When I arrived I couldn’t get over how flat and desolate it was. Coming from Cape Town, set on a peninsula with mountains and beaches not unlike Banks Peninsula, this was a real culture shock. There was a bridge over the railway line about 4m high, from there one could see about 60km in any direction! The heat was also oppressive, hitting the low 40s in February, and even at night you couldn’t cover up since it was too hot for even a sheet.


The people more than made up for it though. The Tswana people are very courteous and friendly. They are about the only African tribe I can think of that has never been involved in a war. The white people are also very outgoing, probably because socialisation is important, since there’s little else to do. It was also my first real taste of a multicultural society, back then South Africa was still fairly segregated. The wild life was also pretty special- as you travel west into the deep Kalahari there were many kudu, a spectacular antelope with magnificent horns that could jump game fences as if they were only waist high, and I saw several black mambas- one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Because of the wide open skies the cloud formations, sunsets and thunderstorms were spectacular.


I used to travel into the surrounding villages, as well as running a clinic in Mafikeng itself. It was nice to be appreciated, the villagers were grateful to us just for turning up, even if it was sometimes a day or two after their phone call! I was there during a severe drought, which was sad since a lot of the sicknesses we saw were due to starvation. It was tempting to sit down under the shade of an Acacia tree in the heat of the day, but you had to beware of the sand tampans (soft ticks) that could locate humans within minutes. Any operations or interesting procedures would draw a whole crowd of fascinated school children, even in the middle of nowhere, and directions could be interesting- go to Ramatlabama, turn left at the church, then look for the second house with the blue roof after the dead tree. No rapid numbers there!


I think the environment here is probably as different as one can get from Bophuthatswana, but it was a very different and special part of the world, and I feel privileged to have experienced it.

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